Help us Re-Imagine a World Class Education for Los Altos!


We want to develop a Road Map for the public education challenge that has been going on in our community for over 10 years!  We call this plan the “Road to Resolution “.


The Time To Act Is NOW!!!!   


Here are just some of the positive forces making this the right time to act;


  • The community is very tired of the ten plus year feud and the ongoing legal expenditures.
  • 3 seats are coming up on the LASD board this November. A new majority could be formed on the board of trustees that wants to fix things as early as November of this year.
  • The school district wants a bond passed. With the right plan, we could move forward as a community!
  • The LASD’s Superintendent Enrollment Growth Task Force (SEGTF) in May of 2013, came up with a plan (from 12 very different perspectives to a 100% consensus) that makes both LASD and BCS happy. Let’s use this plan as a starting point for further discussions on the Road to Resolution. See an extract from that report below.
  • The cities of Los Altos and Los Altos Hills have expressed interest in joint venturing (J/Ving) with LASD to build the two new schools that the task force recommended, e.g. they could provide city-owned land for the schools.
  • The LA and LAH council elections could be used to elect representatives that also embrace resolving the conflict as part of their campaign pledges.  This creates the right J/Ving mentality in the councils with the greater community.




Extract from the SEGTF Final Report




“…..In response to enrollment growth both within the district and by Bullis Charter School (BCS), the Superintendent’s Enrollment Growth Task Force (SEGTF) recommends that the district pursue two additional school sites—one to house BCS and one to house Los Alto School District (LASD) students. The committee suggests pursuing the two sites along parallel paths but believes finding a site for BCS should be the district’s first priority. Ending the conflict over facilities for BCS likely will resolve the discord felt throughout the whole community over this issue and potentially lead to greater community-wide support for public financing of school facilities. It is difficult to imagine any solution for garnering additional school sites/facilities without some level of taxpayer funding.


The committee strongly suggests the district attempt to partner with both BCS and the cities the district serves (Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View) in developing specific solutions. As an example, the District and BCS could agree to work collaboratively on finding a site within Los Altos Hills and approach the Town of Los Altos Hills with the idea of forming a three-way partnership to identify and secure land for a BCS site. Similarly both BCS and the District, as partners, could approach either the City of Los Altos or the City of Mountain View for a site within one of those communities. Partnering is a key element. A partnership approach reflects the thinking behind several of the committee’s guiding principles—and hopefully leads to optimizing the use of public resources. The committee feels strongly that the cities and school district should work together, along with BCS, to develop the best possible outcome for students and for the community as a whole. Everyone should have a stake in this game—if for no other reason than to eliminate spending taxpayer dollars on continuing litigation. In identifying possible sites for either BCS or LASD students, the district should first look within its own boundaries….A successful partnership approach for the BCS site solution can set the example of how partnering between and among agencies can provide optimal results and efficient use of resources. …….”.


For the Full Report, go to;

To See the LASD Enrollment Growth Task Force Report